5’9 ’24 Azahreya Drayton-Gill (Smith)

The Lady Golden Eagles have excellent balance and a ton of useful pieces, but Drayton-Gill was easily the most impactful player on either team. Her combination of size, length, and overall feel naturally allows her to cause problems for opponents on both ends of the floor. Drayton-Gill does a terrific job of applying pressure in the midrange, both when shooting or attacking off the dribble. Her high motor led to several forced turnovers and second-chance opportunities. Drayton-Gill should be a coveted prospect by various college coaches.

6’2 ’24 Caden Bell (NC GBB)

Without sounding like a broken record, Bell’s lack of recruitment legitimately doesn’t make sense. It’s especially confusing given his incredible consistency. One would be hard-pressed to find many players like him, as a guy whose production seemingly never fluctuates on a night-to-night basis. Bell is an extremely well-rounded guard with IQ, strength, and the ability to outwork his assignment on both ends of the floor. While it might be difficult to generate new things to say, it doesn’t negate the fact that Bell is playing remarkably well.

6’2 ’27 Tyrie Pressley (CPLA)

Although they had some struggles as a team, Pressley stood out as a huge difference-maker for CPLA. He was as productive as anyone despite being among the youngest players on either team. Pressley consistently finished, secured rebounds, and made his presence felt defensively. He displayed a terrific nose for the ball and regularly did the dirty work for this group. Though young, Pressley appears to be a prospect to monitor for the future.

6’0 ’25 Mason Dobie (First Flight)

No matter how much this roster changes over the years, First Flight always seems to be armed with a guy like Dobie—who can reliably burden a monster load offensively. He’s a fundamentally sound leader with an understanding of how to dictate the action in a smart, unselfish manner. Dobie is a polished scorer who mixes it up from all levels, gets to the line, and creates opportunities for others. He’s also a solid rebounder and steady defender. Dobie will be a target for numerous programs.

6’3 ’26 Jyi Dawkins (Southern Guilford)

Although the Storm continue to get great contributions from their senior duo, it would be impossible to ignore everything Dawkins showcased in this contest. He’s a long, athletic, high-motor wing/forward who outworks opponents and plays bigger than his listed height. Dawkins is a great finisher, both above and below the rim, who routinely utilizes his strength to play through contact. He possesses a strong rebounding presence and positions himself to consistently be involved in the action. Dawkins also runs the floor well in transition. It’ll be interesting to watch him grow as a focal point over the coming years.

6’1 ’25 Kassidy Jackson (Green Run)

There were some early struggles for Green Run, but Jackson’s leadership and steady two-way presence allowed them to come back to secure an overtime victory. He’s an incredibly poised, methodical floor general who offers terrific balance between playmaking and three-level scoring. Jackson did a great job of getting downhill, absorbing contact, and converting at the line. He shined as a leader on both ends of the floor. Jackson clearly has the makings of a next-level player.

6’3 ’24 Gage Lattimore (Smith)

Though several guys stood out for the highly balanced Golden Eagles, Lattimore simply makes a lasting impression through his leadership. He provides a steady, calm demeanor as a focal point, displaying patience, communication, and a reliable defensive presence. Lattimore is a terrific shooting threat who causes problems for opponents without needing the ball in his hands. It’s easy to see why he has a variety of suitors at the next level.