6’4 2020 Jack Hooten: PSB Select Winston Salem 16U
Having a versatile post player helps create a well-rounded team and Hooten is just that.' He is comfortable facing up or with his back to the basket offensively.' Hooten’s a strong athlete, he had a poster dunk that had the gym buzzing yesterday during the Loaded, CP3 game which had the whole gym’s attention at the time.' He plays with a chip on his shoulder, always trying to fight for rebounds and compete on both ends.
6’4 2020 MJ Wilkinson Jr: NC Empire 16U
MJ Wilkinson can flat out fly, he took off on a fast break in this one that had the whole sideline jumping around, yes that means both teams.' He’s absolutely relentless defensively, picking up his man in the full court at all times always causing problems on that end.' He’s a freak athlete with a superb mid-range game.' He’s extending his range on that jumper, while continuing to be a thorn in his opponents side on both ends.