We simply can't wait for the high school basketball season to begin, which is why we are diving into teams and doing some early previews.  There are teams all around the state that we will be looking at, as we take a look at teams and players to watch out for.

Team: Apex High School

Last Year's Record: 5-19

Top Three Scorers Last Year:
Sam Martin: 17.1ppg
Zaelyn White: 12.1ppg
Adley Calhoun: 6.8ppg

This Year's Team:

Apex is coming off a season in which they were only able to rack up five wins on the season, but heading into this season and speaking with Coach Frey, he believes that this team could shock a lot of opponents with what they are bringing early on.' It will be tough to replace Sam Martin and his presence down low, but there are players who should step up even more from last year to make this team fun to watch.

His son, 2025 Kody Frey, is looking to be back on the court and remind everyone of his talent and potential, as the 6'6 prospect has put in the work and gotten stronger this summer.' Frey should be a name to watch out more for with his size and his positional impact.' 2025 6'0 Zaelyn White is another player who looks to step up even more after a strong sophomore campaign, while 2024 6'4 Adley Calhoun will be counted on again to help fill up the stat sheet.'

In also talking with Coach Frey, 2024 Jaden Maynard will be counted on to be a valuable role player again, while Apex will be adding two new names that could be a huge help in providing depth and impact on the court.  2026 Ethan Balos and 2025 Taylor Balos are two new names; Ethan is already proving to be a leader on the court, and both should make an impact.

The Cougars have some work going into the season but there is certainly some optimism about this year's team.