Veteran Guard Play

2025 6'2 Jake Benham and 2025 6'1 Gray Madeira have played well together this summer and that trend should only continue this upcoming season. Benham and Madeira both are vocal leaders and have shown that they can be threats from the perimeter but also move well without the ball and make plays off the dribble. These two will be counted on to lead the team, knock down shots, and be key scoring options.

'24 Sean Birmingham looking to have another big year

2024 6'7 Sean Birmingham came onto the scene and made a huge splash last year at Cannon, but he is now going to be counted on being one of those key go-to players for Concord Academy.  Which is why we expect him to have a big season once again.  Schools should be all over this young man with how difficult of a matchup he can be; his smooth feel and skill set, his footwork inside and touch, and how big-time he can be in stretching the court with his terrific form and shot-making ability.  Even after a big season last year, he could be in for an even bigger one this year which is saying something.

Bringing size to the team

Concord Academy is always a team that brings new names to the table, and they have a few new guys that will make an immediate impact, as well as bring much-needed size. 2025 6'7 Icare Bakadisula is a competitor on the court and one that brings that physical aspect this team needs. HE looks to rip the rim off, is physical on the boards, can display handles in rebounding and pushing, as well as developing more of his ability to step out. 2025 6'10 Alek Kornacki is another that will he big time as he adjusts to the game. The European shows flashes of footwork and skill, as well as touch around the basket as he adjusts more to the American game.

Other Names to Watch:

2024 6'2 Andre Rudy

Rudy showed flashes in the open gym of his ability to run the court and bring production. He competes well, attacks the rim, is vocal on both ends and plays hard; this should only help this team provide more depth, as he will for sure see minutes to help this team.

2025 6'3 Ian Howard

Howard is a name we have mentioned before, and he has now gotten bigger and stronger, as well as adding more to his game to help this team.' He should be another player who can help in key minutes in providing depth for this team.

2027 6'6 James Minlend

Phenom Hoops was one of the first to recognize Minlend and his potential, and after watching him in action again, this is a young man who is full of potential in what he could ultimately be. Long, athletic, can get to the rim, but also knock down shots.' He has grown even more over the summer, and he continues to grow in confidence.' Again, just a freshman, but the pedigree is there for him to be a big-time prospect.

2025 6'6 Nazir Reeves

Another player coming into the program, Reeves is one that can bring versatility to the court with his size and length, his ability to be effective from a variety of areas and help with size at his position.

2026 5'11 Lincoln Raper

Raper is another player that has been a nice asset over the summer and should be able to contribute to this team. He can immediately be a threat from the perimeter, but also can get to his spots off the dribble.  Raper will be a key player for this team with his ability to bring immediate production to the table and can be counted on.

2027 6'4 Caleb Autry

Autry will be another young prospect that can help this team in situations with his 6'4 frame. He should only continue to develop and get stronger with this team as the year goes on.