Height: 6'6

Class: 2026

School: Fayetteville Academy

Travel Team: Team Wall

What Was Recently Said:

Moving onto a player who utilized his tough, physical nature to make a lasting impression, Jossiah Johnson. He's a long, strong, fairly well-rounded forward/post prospect who causes matchup problems on either side of the ball. Johnson defends and rebounds bigger than his size, but also highlights flashes of skill. He finishes seemingly everything he attempts around the basket. Next in his development process is working on his craftiness as a ball-handler, as it would make him more of a mismatch for opponents. Coach Dre on Johnson: 'Jossiah is an absolute bully on the block. His strong body frame is able to carve out space easily. He has great touch around the basket and offers a great blend of grace and pure power. He also has a steady midrange game and can stretch the defense beyond the arc as well. Defensively, he is a pest and has great timing. Jossiah is a name to remember, because this young man is going to be special. As a big, he runs the floor and finishes everything at the hoop. Look forward to great things from this young man.' Johnson had an impressive showing at camp, securing the Mr. Hustle award, and looks poised for an immediate leadership role at Fayetteville Academy.

What To Expect:

After a highly productive summer with Team Wall, Johnson enters his sophomore season with an established presence for Fayetteville Academy. He's a strong, physically overwhelming forward/post prospect who understands how to play to his strengths. Johnson is already way overpowering for the majority of opponents, not just those in his grade, and utilizes his body to his advantage on both ends of the floor. He defends and rebounds bigger than his listed height, but also plays hard and positions himself for success. Johnson finishes well around the basket, but doesn't necessarily require a ton of offensive touches to make an impact. That being said, he's comfortable on the block, in the midrange, or attacking from the wing. He moves well without the ball and runs the floor well in transition. Given everything he's shown over the last calendar year, folk should expect Johnson to remain a major difference-maker for the Eagles going forward.