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North Carolina Phenom 150 Session III Camp Evaluations: Team 10

Team 10 Coach: David Kaplan  #4: 5’2 ’25 Samuel Thomas (Wendell) Starting things off, we look at a player that played much bigger than his size would imply on both ends of the floor, Samuel Thomas. He’s a strong, fairly skilled guard prospect that can create for himself or others and score efficiently from all three levels. Thomas rebounds extremely well and defends with purpose at all...

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Afternoon Standouts at Phenom’s Queen City Middle School Showcase

LKN1: 5’9 ’25 Jack Sullivan- Slightly undersized post prospect that simply outworks everyone else on the court, regardless of situation. He possesses an incredible motor and pursues every available rebound on both ends of the floor. Sullivan doesn’t have a clear offensive identity, but scores regularly from putbacks and dump-off passes around the basket.   5’1 ’25 Greg Murray- The spot-up...

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