6'8 2021 Jacori Owens Team Charlotte– As far as 2021 prospects go this is one of the best ones that I
personally have seen. While he looked a little raw on the block in the game that I caught you must
consider that he is 2/3 years younger than everybody he is playing with. His body is impressive and will
catch your eyes even amongst all the high-level guys that he plays with on Team Charlotte. Jacori is a
great athlete for his age and size and I project that he will only continue to improve in several aspects of
his game.

6'2 2020 Luke Stankavage Hoop State Elite– Luke is a very solid guard who can play either position in a
backcourt. He can handle the ball well enough to play the point guard, but he can also shoot the ball
more than well enough off the catch to play the 2. Luke is a young prospect but plays beyond his years
from a mental standpoint Luke is well advanced beyond his years. He rarely ever makes bad plays or

6'3 2021 Shakobe Hairston Va Starz– Shakobe stands out among his teammates literally when you first
see their team. Shakobe possesses a very nice Shakobe played very hard which resulted in him grabbing
a lot of rebounds for his squad. He finished well around the basket with both hands and showed a lot
promise and potential.