6'2 Chris Gomez (Forsyth Country Day)

Anyone who watched NC Spartans Neisler over the summer is already well-informed about Chris Gomez, his dynamic identity, and everything he should bring to the Furies as an impact freshman. He's a smart, crafty, well-rounded guard prospect who simply knows how to control the action as a primary creator. Gomez plays with excellent pace while showcasing great balance between playmaking and scoring from all levels. He utilizes his tight handle and sharp first step to regularly break down opponents, touch the paint, and make the correct read. Gomez is a reliable defender at the point of attack and rebounds well for his size. He provides Forsyth Country Day with yet another quality guard and should be a definite difference-maker this season.

5'10 CP Perry (Carson)

Unlike the majority of freshmen being listed, CP Perry will enter his high school situation as a legitimate focal point. He's a smart, scrappy floor general with a great blend of craftiness, playmaking instincts, and scoring prowess. Perry understands how to run the action or find opportunities without the ball. He's shown the ability to consistently create for others or assert himself as a scorer from all levels. Perry provides terrific energy and leadership on both ends of the floor. His situation and his overall ability should allow him to enjoy a highly productive upcoming season.

5'11 Zaiyir Phillips (Huss)

After being a notable piece for Team United throughout the travel ball season, Zaiyir Phillips enters high school with all the tools to be a difference-maker from the moment he steps on campus. Although he's a capable playmaker and lead guard, Phillips arguably shines the most as a scorer and defender. He's already a great shooter with IQ, toughness, and ability off the bounce, which allows him to consistently cause a variety of problems for opponents. Phillips possesses a strong frame and physical approach, particularly on defense, where he's able to force turnovers and effortlessly contain his assignment. He simply knows how to impact both sides of the ball in a smart, tough, engaged manner. Expect Phillips to be a huge piece for Huss.