We started off on Day 1 at the Phenom George Lynch Invitational, as Mooresville and Concord Academy matched up in the AUX gym on Day 1.  Both teams were getting an early feel for each other, as they were looking to bring a balanced attack to the court.  Both teams were able to get several players going early, as Concord Academy led 13-11 after the first. The action continued in the second half, as 2025 Gray Madiera led the charge for Concord Academy and six different players scored for Mooresville, led by 2024 AJ Parsley.  It was back and forth of baskets throughout, as we went into halftime tied at 21.

In the third quarter, Concord Academy came out strong offensively led by its leader in 2024 Sean Birmingham, as he started to come alive offensively.  It is what helped his team get out to a double-digit lead in the third quarter and ultimately lead 44-27 after three quarters. But Mooresville continued to scratch and claw defensively and attack offensively, looking to chip away slowly but surely at the lead in the fourth. But Concord was just too much in the end, as they were able to secure the 55-41 victory to start the event.

Final: Concord Academy 55 Mooresville 41

CFA: Sean Birmingham 15pts, 6rebs, 3stls/ Jake Benham 9pts, 3asts/ Alek Kornacki 6pst, 9rebs
Moore: Eian Bailey 6pts, 4rebs/ AJ Parsley 6pts, 3stls/ Carson Schaen 6pts