This week, Phenom Hoops will be in attendance for Charlotte Skill Factory's media week. On Monday night, they held practice for their second through fifth grade boys. Director Lawrence Gordon has done a tremendous job of building this program where they put an emphasis on skill development, fundamentals, and developing their student-athletes on and off the floor. The Charlotte Skill Factory is a perfect name for this travel ball organization where skill development is the top priority.

Second and Third Grade Standouts

2033 Eli Embler stood out in the third-grade division with his advanced skillset for that age. He showcased nice shooting mechanics and a solid handle being able to get to his spots where he knocked down multiple pull-up jumpers. In addition, Eli showcased a nice feel for the game for someone his age/grade.

2033 William Ladley was another one who caught our eye with his tough, physical presence on both ends of the floor. He finished strong around the basket. He also played with his head up and constantly looked up the floor for the open man.

2033 EJ Pharr worked extremely hard. He gave maximum effort every single rep. Defensively, he moved his feet well and played without fouling. Offensively, he showcased nice shooting mechanics and was comfortable dribbling with his off hand. 

2034 Bly Watson stood out in the second-grade division. He was locked in from the start of the workout which was evident in how hard he competed in each drill and his work ethic translated onto the court during scrimmage. You won't have to coach effort for this young player

Fourth Grade Standouts

2032 Oliver Ladley made an impression with his play while playing an age group up with the fifth-graders. Ladley has a good understanding and feel for the game. He does a good job of attacking off the bounce and finishing strong at the end of drives. He showcased a solid skillset, shot mechanics, and the ability to make plays with his off hand.

2032 Jack Kneisel immediately stood out during drills for his high motor and competitiveness. He worked really hard all day. He has a high motor and instincts on both ends of the floor. As they began to compete, another part of his game began to really stick out, which was his passing ability. He did a great job of seeing the floor and making the right pass consistently. 

2032 Nowel Ross made an impression with his on-ball defensive pressure. He moves his feet well, plays with his hand out, and pressures the ball without fouling. In addition, offensively, he is a quick, speedy guard who had a good skillset and ball handling ability. He consistently made plays off the bounce, getting into the lane and finding the open teammate. 

2032 George Blythe showcased a high basketball IQ. He consistently made the right play throughout the course of the day. He is well-rounded glue guy who can impact the game on both ends of the floor. He moves his feet well defensively. In addition, he has a nose for the ball and seems to always be involved in the play.

Fifth Grade Standouts

2031 King Jones stood out as one of the more complete players in attendance for his ability to impact the game on both ends of the floor. His shooting mechanics looked really good. He showcased a good feel for the game and playmaking ability with his vision and ability to create off the bounce. He was active on the defensive end and helped lead his team in multiple areas. 

2031 Nasir Green was a quick, playmaking guard who created multiple paint touches where he showed the ability finish at the end of drives consistently and also find the open teammate in drive and kick situations. Defensively, he was a pest on the ball making it difficult for opposing ball handlers to initiate the offense. 

2031 Adam Lee showcased a well-rounded skillset to go along with his height and athleticism. He knocked down multiple shots from the perimeter. He also was comfortable handling the ball with either hand against pressure. 

2031 Knox Brosseau was another one who stood out as a solid, high IQ point guard who did a good job of getting everyone involved. He is one that others seem to enjoy playing with because he sees the floor and gets others the ball in good scoring positions.

2032 Ayden Brown stepped up his play during the scrimmage segment. He showcased a solid skillset, shot mechanics, and the ability to make plays with his off hand. He knocked down several midrange pull-up jumpers. In addition, he played with his head up and looked for the open man.