The narrative of RJ Gunn's basketball prospect is a little bit different, however the path we firmly believe he is a Division 1 basketball player whose best basketball is immediately ahead of him. He is a new player now, a winning player whose basketball trajectory is steeply facing up.

However different Gunn's path, his game is just as unique. The 6'6' unsigned senior lefty, is a complete mismatch on the floor. He is a tough and lengthy forward who weighs in at a sturdy and explosive 215 pounds. Gunn scores on the offensive end with deep range and off the bounce. He gets into the lane and finishes above the rim.

The unique nature of his path is that he tore his ACL in March. Right when Gunn was really hitting his stride as a player, he had to miss all of the travel ball season, and play his senior season at about 75%. Gunn had reformed his body, grown into his explosion, he was sure to get numerous Division 1 offers throughout the summer. What he is, you just don't come across often.

Even at 75%, Gunn was able to lead Irmo High School into overtime of the South Carolina 5A Lower State Finals. In that game, Gunn had a typical stat line, 11 points, 9 boards, 5 assists and 5 steals. He was consistently able to make plays on both ends of the floor, even as Blythewood ran 4 players with Division 1 scholarships onto the floor.

Irmo High School Coach Tim Whipple says that he has no doubt RJ Gunn is a Division 1 prospect, 'I have no doubt in my mind he can play Division 1. You see he is only about 70% right now, but he is so skilled, so strong, so tough. A college is going to get a steal.' We instantly agreed with Whipple as he said this.

Prior to his injury, Gunn was a developing post player. Lefty with good strength and footwork who could carve space and find room for his jump hook. Leading into his injury, and coming off his rehab, Gunn is a bonafide wing player, who is strong with the ball and explosive at the rim.

Right now Gunn doesn't have much recruitment. He is a transformed basketball player, one that Tim Whipple and we all think is a Division 1 type player.