The Select 60 Showcase was a great event over the weekend, as some of the premier talents from around the area all came to compete and shine on the big stage.  A player that was not only able to walk away as Queen of the Court Winner, but also continue to showcase how big of a weapon she can be on the court, 2026 Kelsey Rhyne once again shined on the court.

I’ve watched her countless times before, so it was good to see her once again and how she has developed.  She continues to add more to her game, work on the little things overall, and step up even more as a player, all while still being a valuable weapon on the court.

When you talk about her game though, the first thing you notice is how big of a weapon she can be as a shooter on the court.  She does a great job in not only getting to her spots off the ball but also creating space with the ball, as she has one of the quickest releases and deepest ranges in North Carolina.  She knocks down shots with tremendous confidence, with a quick flick of the wrist and not needing much space to find her shot. 

Rhyne is one that can simply change the game for her team, not always needing to be in the spotlight but when she is firing and hitting, it looks like a long day for any opponent.  And again, she is continuing to add more to her game, bringing good balance overall to the court, and contributing to her team’s winning ways.