2026 6'7 Jalan Wingfield was brought to our attention over a year ago, and he has only continued to see his stock rise as offers come rolling in early on.' The big man from Georgia has been adding big offers early on and recently added offers from Florida State and USF.

Wingfield recently took a visit to the Seminoles back on October 7, where he was able to get a first-hand look at the program and eventually walked away with an offer from the staff.  Check out what has been said about his game before, as well as his thoughts on FSU and USF, along with other visits that he has coming up.

Game Breakdown:

'His blend of size, his body frame, his skill set, his ability to operate and make plays happen from several areas on the court, his ability to finish' all can be seen and with him only being 14 years old and a rising freshman, has to get you excited about his future.'

'Jalan is very comfortable on the court. He is always under control and he's a great student of the game. He understands angles and rotational assignments and can make the right play. He is a very unselfish player. His strengths are his ability to shoot the ball and ball handling. He's a very coachable player who lives in the gym and absorbs everything. He wants and expects to be great. Wingfield continues to work on his defensive abilities, especially footwork and lateral movement.  The goal is to make him a switchable defender. We are also working on his athleticism and shooting off the catch and dribble.'

On his offer from Florida State and visit:

'They said that I will get good because their 5 plays every position. I just love the school overall. I used to visit all the time when I was younger, and it was great to get the offer to play at FSU.' They will for sure be in my Top 8.'

Thoughts on USF offer:

'Love the program. Coach Amir is my guy and I'm taking a visit as soon as possible.'

As far as other visits, Wingfield mentioned that he has visits set up to Georgia Tech and Cincinnati right now, with Georgia Tech coming up next on October 14 and Cincinnati will be in the start of November on the 4th.

When also asked about other schools that have been entering the picture, Ole Miss was the school he mentioned.