Phenom Hoops introduced to you a while back about 2026 Ian Bailey and said that he could be a player of big interest in the coming years from what we saw.' His game really translates well and he continues to show the flashes that could make him a high priority for schools in the coming years.' But recently, he announced that he had received his first offer from Western Carolina.' We spoke to him about that honor, his thoughts on it all, what other schools have been showing interest, and his dream school.

Phenom: What was it like to get that first offer from Western Carolina'
Bailey: It feels great. It is something I've been working towards for a while now, so it is definitely an amazing feeling.

Phenom: How did you hear about it and first impressions of the program'
Bailey: My high school coach told me they had called and asked about me, and invited me to their elite camp. My first impressions of the program are that it is very well-organized and it seems to be a very well-ran program. I really liked all the coaches and players; they were all very welcoming. The school has a very nice campus and I'm looking forward to finding out more about Western Carolina.

Phenom: Did they say what they liked about your game'
Bailey: They said they liked how I maintain my composure on the court and just being a true point guard by facilitating and running the offense.

Phenom: Know it is early, but do you know any other schools that have been reaching out about you'
Bailey: Yes, NC State and High Point are the ones that I know for sure have contacted my coach.

Phenom: Nice! Know what they have been saying'
Bailey: From what my coach told me, they both really liked how I handled pressure and patience in running our plays, finding openings for my teammates, but can also score when needed.' A lot of the same things that WCU said.' They are looking forward to seeing how I progress over the next couple of years.

Phenom: Any dream school for you'
Bailey: My family are all Tar Heel fans, so they got us started early pulling for the Heels, so I would say UNC.

Phenom: Any other schools you plan on visiting or checking out down the road when the time comes'
Bailey: Right now, I'm just really trying to take the feedback from the schools that have shown interest and use it to get better, but also learn about those programs and schools at the same time. So, it is wide open for me right now and I'm learning a lot from everyone who is reaching out, so hopefully that will continue. '