What an event it was at the Phenom New Year’s Bash at Chambers High School, as all teams came out and competed in a big way with Northside Christian Academy eventually taking home first place at the event. One of the biggest reasons why was the play of 2025 Arael Jones, as he stepped up big-time throughout the event and was one of the most consistent players there.

I have said it before and will say it again, Jones is a true X-factor for this team and when he is playing at the level he was throughout the event, it only makes this team even more dangerous. When you talk about his game, Jones not only can have an offensive scoring impact, but it is his overall impact that has to impress you. This young man competes beyond belief on every play, being a versatile piece and playing multiple positions, guarding multiple players, and not only finding ways to create or knock down shots to be an effective scorer but one that is willing to do the dirty work on the court as well as.

Get to Know: 2024 Arael Jones (May 2022)

Whether it was his ability to score, rebound, defend, facilitate, or bring a motor to the court, Jones has clearly elevated his play this year by stepping up as a clear leader for this group. And that was on full display at the event throughout, and he should start garnering a lot more attention his way.

Day 1 Stats: 8 points, 8 rebounds
Day 2 Stats: 21 points, 13 rebounds
Day 3 Stats: 23 points