The Class of 2024 here in North Carolina is certainly a special one, and that has been noted on several occasions before.  Looking through our Phenom Hoops rankings, there are plenty of names that are still available that college coaches need to make a prime target.

One forward that I believe should continue to receive attention from college coaches is 2024 6’7 Maurio Hanson from Chambers. He has had a strong summer and has only continued his strong play during the Hoop State League, reminding everyone that he can be a forward who can help at the next level.

When you talk about his game, there is a lot to like in what he provides. Hanson is a skilled big who has only developed and improved his overall feel for the game.  Whether it is his scoring ability, his vision, his impact in running the floor, or his presence on the glass, Hanson can be a valuable piece on the court.  Our very own, Rick Lewis, recently wrote this about Hanson when he made a trip to Chambers during our open gym:

“Last season, Hanson averaged 14.8 PPG, 6.8 RPG, and 3.1 APG. While standing at 6’7, Hanson plays much bigger (6’9 wingspan) than his listed height. He has passer-friendly hands, is a willing passer out of the post, and has outstanding vision where he is often utilized at the high post for initiating the offense. While Hanson has outstanding footwork in the post, he also has the ability to step out and knock down midrange jumpers along with occasional 3-pointers.”

Hanson is one that moves really well, has great touch around the basket, has expanded his game more, runs from end to end well, has strong vision, and strong footwork.  And he will only continue to put in the work at the next level, which is why more schools should be making him a target for their upcoming recruiting class.  This is just a simple reminder…