North Carolina’s Class of 2021: Point Guard Paradise

Over the last week, we have put out numerous articles covering the Class of 2021 in the Carolinas. Today, we’ll shift our focus back to North Carolina and look at some of the notable rising sophomores at the point guard position. Each of the prospects we’ll look at in this article have already shown college-level ability, yet possess distinct differences from one another. This will be an ongoing...

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Brandon’s Big Time Ballers Pt 1

The Phenom Southern Jam Showcase was a picking grounds for low major division ones to the NAIA schools in attendance. With all the big boys out of town this was a prime week for staffs to discover diamonds in the rough and get the jump on some sleepers. This time of the year coaches are always looking to add a spark to the lineup. A handful of players did their stocks serious justice so lets...

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BREAKOUT WATCH, Part 2 — Phenom’s Grassroots Tip Off Live

Last week hundreds of coaches showed up from across the country to watch players perform at Phenom Hoops’ April NCAA Certified Live event. Countless offers were given out, some to known commodities and many to players with no offers coming into the event. This weekend, at Phenom’s Grassroots Tip Off Live, coaches need to line up and here are some of the breakout candidates to watch for. 6’4”...

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