2024 Alonso Easterling continues to be one to watch, now in Virginia

Player: Alonso EasterlingClass: 2024School: Peninsula Catholic Though it was a short time here in North Carolina, 2024 6’10 Alonso Easterling will now look to make his mark in Virginia with his new school.  Easterling though brings intrigue with his game at his size.  With his length, he does a great job making an impact on both sides of the floor, whether it is running the floor and...

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Phenom Hoops LIVE Recap: Breaking Down more of Team Wall

Just because the LIVE period is over in April, doesn’t mean that Phenom Hoops is stopping their coverage, as we are bringing you a ton of post-event coverage as well throughout the coming weeks.  Let’s dive into a few players and teams that we saw at the event, as we shed light on players that performed well throughout.  Team Wall It was great to see our friends again with Team Wall, a...

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Size could be found at Phenom Team Camp

The Phenom Team Camp in Advance was off the charts, giving Phenom Hoops and college coaches of talent all around the state more on the public side. A trend that we started following throughout the event though was just the amount of size that could be found and honestly, big men that have gone under the radar so far. So, here is a list of players that has length and size with their frame that...

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