Reece’s Standouts: Phenom Summer Finale (Day 1)

by: Ethan Reece 2026 Latrell Allmond (Carolina Heights)I’ve heard the name a lot and finally got a viewing for myself, there’s no doubt he’s the real deal. Big guys that move like him just don’t come around often. He’s got an unnatural mobility and handle that when combined with his natural feel for things, allows him to casually dominate. He’s got the strength and touch inside to be a high...

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Reece’s Standouts: Phenom MDC (Day 2)

by: Ethan Reece 2026 Josiah Johnson-Freeman (CC Elite)In the truest sense of the term, Josiah really is a stretch wing. He’s got great size with his athleticism at this age, and even as a leading scorer he leaves an impact on all the other aspects of the game. His ability to handle the ball and initiate offensive possessions puts other bigs in uncomfortable positions and he has a controlled...

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