Phenom Game Report: Sun Valley at Porter Ridge (Boys)

Down in the Charlotte area, Sun Valley hit the road to take on a very intriguing and talented Porter Ridge.  Both teams have had a solid season, so this certainly looked to be a fun matchup to watch.  Both teams came out well, with Porter Ridge taking the lead behind their leader 2022 Isaiah Williams.  Porter Ridge also wanted to get the ball out of 2024 Tyree White’s hand, who has been...

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The Independent Route: A Charlotte Hoyas Story

Though intangible, chemistry is often times the major separator between “good” teams and “great” ones. Chemistry outperforms talent on a regular basis. However, the Charlotte Hoyas are an example of what happens when talent combines with chemistry. Their on-court success over the last year has led to the Hoyas being one of the premier independent travel ball programs across North Carolina....

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