#PhenomHSJamboree: Miles Early Standouts/Storylines

AJ Smith Leading the Way at Hickory Grove Christian Hickory Grove Christian is a relatively new look roster this season. They lost key contributors Jacori Owens (Combine Academy) and Regin Larson (Graduation/Pfeiffer) but Junior Guard AJ Smith is back and ready to take over. He’s an incredibly difficult player to contain when he’s in attack mode and his leadership ability will called upon this...

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A Closer Look: Carolina Riptide

At Phenom Hoops, we’ve seen a considerable amount of programs come through our doors, but none that represent the team concept better than the Carolina Riptide. For starters, this group has been together throughout the entire process and possesses chemistry that other teams simply can’t match. It all starts with their fiery head coach, Grant Hodges, who has proven to be one of the modest, yet...

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