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POB’s Eye Catchers on Day 2 at #PhenomChallenge (Part II)

2021 6’2 Lashae Johnson (Charlotte Royals 2021): Johnson was extremely aggressive on the floor, running the floor, constantly getting out and pushing the pace, but also showed his ability to knock down jumpers, hitting four 3-pointers for the Charlotte Royals. 2021 6’0 Cole Sinclair (Durham Hurricanes): A point guard that simply competes.  He is known very well for his outside shooting but you...

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6’3 2021 Kenny Noland, “Books, Basketball & the Velvet Touch”

6’3 2021 Kenny Noland (Apex Friendship)  Last season, Apex Friendship went an impressive 23-5 and 6’3 2021 Kenny Noland was the lone underclassman to start. Not only did he start, but was one of the team’s leading scorers. Noland averaged 12.1 PPG and shot an even more impressive 56% from the floor and 42% from the 3-point line. For the season, Noland also dished out 93 assists to only 38...

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Farrar Vs. Dunton Lived Up to All the Hype

Coming into the game the natural story line would be how 6’7” junior Nick Farrar would match up with 6’6” sophomore Redford Dunton, or at least that was the storyline, matchup that we were looking hard at. Boy did those two put on a show, but not only did those two play well, 6’4” junior Jayden Beloti had 30 for Friendship and 6’5” sophomore Lucas Taylor had 28 for Heritage. Yes, this game was...

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North Carolina Phenom 150 Session 2: Evaluation Team 9

North Carolina Phenom 150 Session 2: Evaluation Team 9   Team 9 Coach: Roland Whitley   #20:5’10 ’22 Luke Trogden (Asheboro, NC) Starting things off, we look at a player that worked hard to contribute during his time at camp, Luke Trogden. He’s a young guard prospect that can do a little bit of everything while operating within the team concept. Trogden doesn’t force the issue on...

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