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#PhenomAllAmerican: Miles Magical Five (Stockrisers)

#94 6’4 2020 Jayden Beloti: Apex Friendship High School Beloti is a guy that often slips under the radar due to the quiet nature in which he operates.  He’s a long, versatile wing that can defend multiple positions on the defensive end and is wired to score on the offensive.  His ability to attack off the bounce from the wing is his greatest asset, using his refined footwork and...

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Eye Catchers from #PhenomTeamCamp

It was a great weekend at Queens University.  The facility was great, the atmosphere was even better, and the talent was outstanding.  Teams competed at the highest of levels and are hoping to use this as a building block towards a successful season. Players took advantage of the platform as well, as these were the players that stood out from the event. 2020 6’4 Ricky Council IV (Southern...

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#PhenomTeamCamp: Miles Late Night/Early Day Standouts

6’8 2020 Josh Hall: Moravian Prep (NC) Hall has established himself as one of the best prospects in the entire country.  He possesses an unbelievable set of tools with his three point range, overall fluidity, size, length, and athleticism that allow him to be a dominant player at the high school level.  He’s an incredibly dangerous spot up shooter, doing a great job moving without the ball,...

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Five Noteworthy Wing Prospects in North Carolina’s Class of 2020

With the travel season in full swing, it’s an excellent time to look at some of the guys that have stood out over the last month or two. These are not rankings, nor do they resemble rankings in any way. We will have multiple installments coming out for this specific subject over the coming days. Now, let’s take a closer look…   6’8 Josh Hall (Moravian Prep/Team Loaded) It should be no...

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Josh Level Classic Preview: Team Shavers

Over six years ago, Josh Level tragically passed away on the basketball court when his heart stopped from a viral infection. Since then, the folks within the Josh Level Classic and SmileForJosh Foundation have done a valiant job to keep his memory alive while raising money for a truly great cause. This game seems to grow tremendously each year and is now arguably set to have the most talented...

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Phenom’s North Carolina Top 80 Camp Evaluations: Team 12

Team 12 Coach: Antonio Lowe   #13: 6’0 ’20 Arrington Jones (Atkins) Starting things off, we look at a player that knows how to run a successful team on both ends of the floor, Arrington Jones. He’s a quick, smart point guard prospect that offers a strong balance between scoring and playmaking. Jones is vocal and does a great job of setting his teammates up on offense, always getting the...

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