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Dropping Dimes “Coach Rick’s Playmakers”

Dropping Dimes “Coach Rick’s Playmakers”  No matter the level, successful teams are dependent on their point guard play. Point guards or “floor generals” often set the tone and control tempo, not to mention getting their team in half court sets or leading them in transition. Below is a list of play makers that we have seen in various settings and were the top assist players listed on Max...

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Unsigned Senior Spotlight: 6’1 Isaac Parson

At the beginning of each new year, Phenom Hoops works to assemble a series of articles centered around unsigned senior prospects. Last season, over one hundred players from North Carolina went on to play at the Division I, II, III or NAIA levels, and that number looks likely to continue increasing with the current senior class. Typically, we take a closer look at guys who are overlooked and...

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Christmas Holiday Unsigned Seniors Coaches Need to Pay Attention To

Phenom Hoops was able to visit four events between Christmas and New Years. In all, we saw 60 teams from 15 different states and DC. In this article we are going to go through unsigned seniors we saw, that college coaches need to start paying attention to.

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Who Are Some of North Carolina’s Most Underrated Senior Prospects?

Each year, Phenom Hoops has hundreds upon thousands of prospects come through our doors with varying levels of recruitment. Plenty of guys are highly touted or properly rated, but many more end up severely underrated or well below the radar. It might feel like a common phrase at this point, but when comparing one-to-one, it’s easy to find cracks and seams within the system. So, this article will...

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Phenom All-American Camp Evaluations: Team 3

Team 3 Coach: Andre Simmons   #4: 5’0 ’24 AJ Adams (Crest Middle School of Technology) Starting things off, we look at a player that stood out for his advanced feel and playmaking sense for his age, AJ Adams. He’s a young point guard with an excellent blend of vision and scoring. Adams handles the ball well and looked extremely comfortable when going against opponents of his own age. Next...

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#PhenomAllAmerican: Miles Magical Five (Stockrisers)

#94 6’4 2020 Jayden Beloti: Apex Friendship High School Beloti is a guy that often slips under the radar due to the quiet nature in which he operates.  He’s a long, versatile wing that can defend multiple positions on the defensive end and is wired to score on the offensive.  His ability to attack off the bounce from the wing is his greatest asset, using his refined footwork and...

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