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Fun to Watch on the Court: The Dobie Brothers

You may have not heard or seen Isaac and Mason Dobie from First Flight high school yet but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start learning about this duo down in the Outer Banks.  You certainly will have to hit the road and maybe take a little vacation down at the beach to catch them in action, but when you watch them, it certainly is fun to watch. 2023 Isaac Dobie is leading the charge,...

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Underrated performers at Good Guys vs. Cancer

We wrote about our top performers overall on Monday but that doesn't mean the list of strong performances stopped there, as we had several other players step up on the big stage and put on a show. Here are a few more players that might have gone under the radar but put on a show down in the Outer Banks at the Good Guys vs. Cancer.

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Phenom All-American Camp Session II Evaluations: Team 8

Team 8 Coach: Robinson #5: 5’6 ’25 Jalen Mills (Hope Mills) Starting things off, we look at a player that continues to make a lasing impression with his nonstop motor and blue-collar approach, Jalen Mills. He’s a young, unselfish guard prospect and possesses a clear willingness to make hustle plays or do whatever possible to provide his team with an edge. Mills can knock down the open...

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Player Standouts at Day Two of Phenom All-American Camp Session II

#177- William Stumpf- The long, wiry forward prospect was among the more intriguing prospects on display from the weekend. He’s quite explosive and plays bigger than his size would imply, both as a defender and rebounder. Stumpf runs the floor well in transition, makes hustle plays, and does a nice job of producing within his role on either side of the ball.  #53- Kevin Stokes- After a...

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