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2021 Akhiris Holden showing how big of an X-factor he is; earns first offer

Henderson Collegiate has deserved all the attention they have received, as this is a program loaded with talent at all levels and they are getting recruited deservingly. Everyone seems to have their role with this team and a player that some times gets overlooked but is an incredible asset and x-factor is 2021 6’4 Akhiris Holden.

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Coach Rick’s All Hustle Team “Effort, Energy, and Enthusiasm”

Coach Rick’s All Hustle Team “Effort, Energy and Enthusiasm” No matter the talent level, there’s an old saying. “You can’t teach effort.” There are just some players that have the “Hustle” gene. It’s in their DNA. They know one speed and that’s all out. Simply put, there are players that are wired to play with effort, energy and enthusiasm. Below are the players that we’ve seen countless times...

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Afternoon Standouts at NC Phenom 150 Camp Session II

#9- Kadyn Dawkins- Though undersized, Dawkins has been nothing short of incredible during his time at camp. He’s so sharp and decisive with the ball in his hands, able to manipulate the opposing defense at a nonstop rate through both passing and scoring. Dawkins is an intelligent leader by example with exceptional vision and craftiness. He also defends extremely well, especially for his size,...

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Phenom All-American Camp Evaluations: Team 5

Team 5 Coach: Josh Prince   #6: 5’4 ’22 Zane Caudle (Uwharrie Charter Academy) Starting things off, we look at a player that made a pretty nice impact despite his lack of true size, Zane Caudle. He’s an undersized point guard with an unselfish, team-first approach on offense. Caudle consistently looks to set up others and get each of his teammates involved in the action, but is also capable...

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Early Standouts at Phenom Team Camp

6’4 ’20 Kalib Matthews (Henderson Collegiate) Thus far, no player has been better than Matthews, who was the main two-way leader in Henderson Collegiate’s early win. He’s such a matchup problem, given his blend of IQ, size, skill, and three-level scoring. No opponent was actually able to contain him, but Matthews still displayed unselfishness and applied scoring pressure within the flow of the...

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