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Afternoon Standouts at NC Phenom 150 Camp Session II

#9- Kadyn Dawkins- Though undersized, Dawkins has been nothing short of incredible during his time at camp. He’s so sharp and decisive with the ball in his hands, able to manipulate the opposing defense at a nonstop rate through both passing and scoring. Dawkins is an intelligent leader by example with exceptional vision and craftiness. He also defends extremely well, especially for his size,...

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#NCPhenom150 Session Two: Miles Magical Five (Early Slate)

#112 6’11 2021 Cooper Land: Middle Creek High School Having had the opportunity to watch Land in multiple settings over the course of the last year and a half, seeing his progression up close was really good to see. He’s starting to figure out how to translate his size into consistent productivity while never forcing the issue on either end of the court. He has nice timing and anticipation on...

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