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Brandon Big Time Ballers #PhenomDavidRoseMDC Pt 1

The annual Phenom Hoops David Rose Memorial Day Classic delivered us some big-time performances, key storylines, and collection of breakout prospects coaches need to put some eyes on. Greensboro North Carolina- The David Rose Memorial Day Classic is an event that carries a message and meaning deeper than competition on the hardwood. It’s the story of ultimate sacrifice and selflessness...

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Breakout Candidates at the Phenom Opening

Every summer it happens, players on non-circuit teams, pop out of nowhere and become major recruiting targets for regional schools at every level. This year is very much the same, and even looking at it deeper, we are fortunate to live in North Carolina. Such a talent-rich state with dozens upon dozens of Division 1 talent walking around. Even with seven circuit teams, there are still ample...

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What Were Looking For at the Phenom Opening

Want to know why you should attend the Phenom Opening in Greensboro this weekend? These are all the reasons you need.

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