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Sleepers for the 2021 NBA Draft: Part Two

With the 2021 NBA Draft set to kick off in mere hours, we decided it would be advantageous to look at some potentially undervalued prospects set to start their journey in the League. There are players on this list currently climbing draft boards and projected to get drafted in the lottery—so technically not every prospect actually classifies as a “sleeper.” However, the bigger emphasis is on...

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Is Aaron Wiggins the Big Ten’s Most Lethal Shooter in 2019-20?!

When you are able to get players who can move their feet and have good positional size, to go along with high-level shooting, then you have an incredibly valuable player at the NBA level.

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Storylines from the #NCISAASummerShowcase

The second consecutive weekend of the June Live period was down in Concord, North Carolina this weekend, Cannon School was the site and they welcomed this talented field of teams into a highly competitive atmosphere.Concord, North Carolina- Saturday I was locked in on the action at Cannon school covering the second weekend of the NCISAA Summer Showcase, the day started off with an offensive...

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Early season collegiate standouts from the North Carolina 2018 class Part 1

Early season collegiate standouts from the North Carolina 2018 class: Part 1   The North Carolina 2018 was an absolutely loaded and deep class. 65 plus players are playing at the D1 level and 40 plus players are playing at the D2 or D3 level. Year after year, the state of North Carolina continues to produce the country’s best players and has the most depth of any state. Just look at...

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Coach Rick “From the Sidelines” North Carolina, a recruiting paradise

The state of North Carolina has been known as a basketball hotbed. Between UNC (6), Duke (5) and NC State (2), the state of North Carolina has three universities to capture 13 NCAA Men’s National Championships. In addition, UNC and Duke have captured six NCAA National Championships since 2000. The state is now the ninth most populated state in the country and basketball is at a fever...

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Jamie’s NCISAA All State First Team and Player of the Year

The NCISAA tournament is one of the most talked about state tournaments across the region. Without fail there are 2-4 nationally ranked teams who are battling for state titles throughout the three classifications. Also, without fail, there are numerous highly ranked national level kids participating. By the time it gets down to the Final Fours of each classification, every team has “a dude” and...

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