2026 Makalia Ritter and 2024 Chloe Woodward (Hickory Ridge): Though the team was able to cruise to a victory, it was the defensive presence these two and others were able to make. Both were very active defensively, creating steals and turning it into offense for their team. Impressive showing overall from them on both sides of the ball.

2026 June Wallace (Hickory Ridge): It was a rough day overall for the team but Wallace is a young big who was able to show flashes in her game and what she can provide on both sides of the floor. She showed her ability to use her size offensively down low and score over defenders while being active on the boards also. She also was able to rack up multiple blocks using her size in the paint.

2024 Kameron Taylor (Carmel Christian): Once again, Taylor led the way in impressive fashion as he should be walking away from this weekend with multiple offers. He continues to flourish in attacking and being assertive in getting to the lane, but he also can be effective from multiple levels and score well with his jumper. Another terrific showing from the unsigned senior.

2024 Kyrell Shaw (Northside Christian): Shaw flourishes as a scorer and creator on the court, and he can find so much success with his ability to use his length, athleticism, and wingspan. Whether he is creating for his jumper, knocking down shots off the catch, or being explosive at the rim, he can score in a variety of ways and does so consistently.

2025 Sean Dunn (Cox Mill): Dunn is an underrated, high IQ point guard that I believe should get some looks from programs. He is crafty and strong with his handles, finds ways to get inside the defense, makes smart decisions, and finds ways to score or set up his teammates. He has had two good showings at the event.

2024 Joe Rhyne (Gaston Christian): Rhyne is that x-factor for this team. You know what you are going to get from Mabor down low, but when things are going for Rhyne, he can make this team tough to take down. He continues to stretch the floor with his shot-making ability but doesn’t mind making plays off the bounce as well.

2025 Jake Benham (Concord Academy): Benham came out firing in this game, getting to his spots and letting it fly from deep early. He continues to be a threat from the perimeter but also can make strong moves and attack off the dribble to finish or get to the line.

2024 Quay Watson (Hopewell): Watson continues to do what he has done for so long; he is such a crafty, quick guard who makes so many plays off the bounce but can hurt you just as much from behind the arc. He was filling it up, getting by defenders with ease, and hitting threes on his way to 26 points.

2024 Juke Harris (Salisbury): Though it was a tough day in the office overall, Harris did what he needed to do in scoring and being aggressive. He continues to show that he has no trouble in being a threat and rising over defenders, I really did like his ability to make strong drives and get to the basket, as well as the free-throw line.

2024 Maurio Hanson (Chambers): Hanson is a leader and a consistent presence on the court for this team, as he shows that he can be an effective option with his size, fluidity, and skillset on the court. Hanson reads and sees the floor, runs the court, and plays with a physical presence inside and out but also with touch and vision. Underrated senior still available.

2025 KJ Younger (Weddington): What a game and weekend for this young man, as he continues to have a stellar season. From when we talked about him nearly a year and half ago, to where he is today, you can see the growth in his game. So physically dominating and he couldn’t be stopped, demanding his way into the lane and finishing time after time.

2025 Tre McKinnon (Lake Norman): McKinnon continues to flourish and grow in confidence with his game, as he shines as a player who can knock down shots from outside, mid-range, and can create to display his explosiveness at the rim.

2024 Brady Kester (Davidson Day): Certainly wanted to give credit when it was due, as Kester played well to help his team battle on Day 2. He was physical down low, finished through defenders, got to the line, and brought another option to the table. An underrated player who stepped up big.

2024 Zion Walker (TBS): Walker just does what he does and continues to thrive as a scorer who knows how to create. No matter the time or place, Walker simply understands what he needs to do. One of the best creators and scorers, as he is excellent in getting paint touches and finishing through defenders.