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Jamie’s list of Five — 15th Annual Fall NC Phenom 150 Session 3

#60 6’1″ 2021 Lawrence Thomas North Gaston HS (Gastonia, NC) Welcome to the conversation Lawrence. The lefty lead guard has great feel for the game, showcasing the ability to seamlessly play both on or off the ball. He has a jet-quick first step, routinely playing in the paint, and once there he made great decisions between a kick-out, rim attack or pull-up. 2021 is a loaded up class...

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North Carolina Phenom 150 Exposure Camp — Session 1 2019s to Know

6’9″ Brandon Franklin Northwood Temple (Fayetteville, NC) When you have a very lengthy 6’9″ prospect with guard skills he opens a lot of eyes. Throughout the day, Franklin continuously knocked down 3-pointers and showed off a confident mid-post game. Still developing the finer parts of his game (especially footwork), He did a good job of rebounding his area and has...

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Kadin Shedrick Has Worked Himself into 4-Star Status

This week, 6’10” rising senior Kadin Shedrick will sit down with his family and his mentors and go over the 25-plus offers and narrow things down to a manageable list they can choose from. Shedrick is a high academic kid who works hard, so this type of rapid explosion did not come as a surprise, but it did come quickly. Shedrick as he picked up over 15 offers this July alone. This explosion...

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