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Evening Standouts at Phenom Summer Finale

6’0 ’20 Reggie Walton (Team Trezz) While other guys might draw more headlines, Walton is a very vital piece to Team Trezz. He’s a phenomenal playmaker that scored efficiently and defended full-court very well throughout this contest. Walton is smart, possesses all the intangibles that college coaches should be looking for, and simply does the little things that lead to winning games.   5’11...

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Teams and players make good impressions on Day 1 of the JMAC Showcase

The first day of the Phenom Hoops JMAC Showcase was nothing short of electric.   High energy, high scores, and high crowd engagement added to the already competitive atmosphere.  In post-game interviews, many players confirmed that this is a high caliber tournament with tough teams and great opportunities for exposure.   A matchup worth noting Is the 17U showcase between the Juice All-Stars...

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Afternoon Standouts at Phenom’s JMAC Showcase

Team Charlotte 6’7 ’22 Jeremy Gregory- The strong-bodied big man continues to take fantastic strides in his development process. He’s the undisputed leader of this team and knows how to be productive even when his shot isn’t falling. Gregory utilizes his body extremely well to clear out space for rebounds. He runs the floor properly and finishes extremely well with either hand.   FIBA 6’1...

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Early Morning Standouts

Every year it seems the David Rose Memorial Day Classic brings out the best in competitors. Good players step up to provide GREAT performances. This year, the event’s 5th year is no different. Even in their first games played, there have been some unbelievable performances. Numerous coaches are already in the gym, kids are making their name onto the recruiting rosters. Let’s take a look at some...

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