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Undefeated Combine Academy Warranting Increased National Attention

Every year, the high school basketball landscape in North Carolina becomes more and more unpredictable. Between transfers and raw talent, any team is capable of losing on a given night. Perhaps that’s what makes Coach Wright and Combine Academy’s 14-0 start so impressive. Not only do they stand undefeated, but they’ve genuinely been thwarting opponents throughout the first part of the season....

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Phenom Open Gym: Combine Academy, A Second Look

Phenom Open Gym: Combine Academy, A Second Look A team such as Combine Academy deserves a second look. A roster filled with high level prospects, first year Head Coach Mike Wright has plenty to be excited about. Walking into the two-hour practice a few minutes late, we could sense the energy in John Jordan Gymnasium. There’s no denying the fact, Coach Wright brings passion and the intensity...

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