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POB’s Eye Catchers from Day 1 at Hoop State Championship

2022 Elijah Jamison (Liberty Heights): Jamison, who is still one of the top unsigned seniors in the state of North Carolina, really showcased his ability to lead the charge for his team. He played at a great pace, got out in transition, knocked down shots from multiple levels, and really controlled the game as a point guard should. He finished the game with 16 points, hitting a few threes,...

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Way Past Due: Liberty Heights National Worthy of Offers

Just a few weeks ago, we put out a feature piece on Liberty Heights primarily detailing the trials and tribulations of Coach Mike Wright, his staff, and the incredibly talented collection of players throughout his tenure. In pivoting, their current roster is arguably more impressive than any previous group—yet their individual recruitments don’t echo this notion. Sure, college coaches are going...

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The Development of a Powerhouse: Liberty Heights Climbing the Mountain

Given all the constant movement and overall flux within the high school landscape, it can be difficult for someone who isn’t especially involved in the scene to understand its nuances. What does this mean? Think specifically about the group over at Liberty Heights. Their coaching staff of Mike Wright, Ben Johnson, DaQuan Santos, and Robert Shuler has been around for quite a while, but the...

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Overtime Elite Prep Challenge (Monday Games)

If you missed the news, the three programs from Overtime headed to North Carolina Monday and Tuesday, to take on some of the premier programs in North Carolina (Liberty Heights, Winston-Salem Christian, and Combine Academy). Phenom Hoops was on deck Monday afternoon for all the action.

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New to Town: Week 1 Open Gym Tour

We spoke about players that could be in for a huge year during our Week 1 travels in our Open Gym Tour but it also brought us new names that will be making their mark here in North Carolina. Here, we have five players that should catch the attention of college coaches even more as well as implant their name here in North Carolina with some of the best. A few already hold offers but all should...

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Phenom Open Gym Tour: Liberty Heights (National and Varisty)

Phenom Hoops checked in on Wednesday morning down around the Charlotte area, as Liberty Heights and Coach Mike Wright was back in action. Now having two teams on display, both national and varsity, Phenom was able to get a glimpse of an array of talent on the court, as we break down all the players to know and watch this season. Both teams should be fun to watch for sure and looking to make some...

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