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Phenom 150 Camp Session I Evaluations: Team 7

Team 7 Coach: Michael Laney #131: 5’8 ’23 Zyere Edwards (St. Andrews) Starting things off, we look at a player that made a lasting impression with his toughness and defensive prowess, Zyere Edwards. He’s an extremely quick, heady guard prospect with a nice penetration sense and an unselfish mentality. Edwards handled the ball well, finished effectively for his size, and proved to be a pest...

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Phenom 150 Session I Standouts: Points Guards

Camp season is upon us at Phenom Hoops, as it gives us a chance to watch a blend of experienced players, young players, and ones that are simply new names to Phenom Hoops. It also provides these players a chance to start their story with us and play against some great competition. Session I on Saturday in Greensboro brought us some intriguing names to watch, players that grabbed our attention...

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