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Having a bigger impact: Class of 2026 (NC)

2026 Jamyr Coleman (Enloe): Here is a player that some may have already heard about, but is one that could be one to really gain even more momentum in his sophomore season. As a freshman, Coleman showed flashes of his game and finished the season averaging 4.0ppg. But with a year under his belt and one with more confidence, he could be a player that takes that jump as a sophomore. He is a high...

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New Names to Learn from Phenom Grassroots TOC

The Phenom Grassroots TOC was a terrific event that brought plenty of familiar faces to the court, but it also gave us the advantage to learn a few new names that will be on our radar this summer and down the road. Check out what was said about a few players to watch out for down the road. 2026 Jim Gatehouse (Team Griggs): 'I’ve been very impressed with 2026 Jim Gatehouse (Team Griggs)....

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POB’s Eye Catchers from Day 1 at Phenom Grassroots TOC

2025 Jake Benham (Mint Hill Lakers): Benham is going to be a name that I will be watching more, and I'm excited to see how his summer goes.' But so far, Benham has really elevated his game and is taking more of that lead role on his team.' Benham shows how strong and effective he can be from multiple levels, finishing and making plays off the bounce, but also being a tremendous presence from the...

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Jr. Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations: Team 5

Team 5 Coach: Gary Hall #0: 4'11 '26 Jayden Griffin (Matthews) Starting things off, we look at a player that contributed quite well despite being the smallest camper on this team, Jayden Griffin. He's a smart, fairly high-motor guard prospect with a reliable midrange jumper and a solid penetrating sense. Griffin also operates as an effective spot-up threat with the ability to attack...

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