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Young talent, underrated seniors highlight Beckley (IJN)

In a loaded and fun event in West Virginia recently, the Phenom Country Roads Holiday Invitational brought the light on several in-state programs that have intriguing talent. Talent that could easily translate to the next level and in several classes.

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Phenom Open Gym Tour – Beckley Prep IJN

Phenom Hoop Report continued to hit the road on their West Virginia tour, getting an early glimpse at a few teams that will be representing the state.  Already taking a look at Chapmanville, Jamie Shaw and Patrick O’Brien got an early glance at Beckley Prep IGN, as head coach Justin Dempsey leads the new program with an array of intriguing talent. Dempsey has a few talented seniors as well...

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The Early Stages: Heritage IJN

The Heritage IJN squad from West Virginia first began playing organized basketball together in November at our National Showcase, where they had obvious chemistry issues and looked somewhat lost on the court—both individually and as a team. Since then, Coach Justin Dempsey has made strides with this group that many folks didn’t deem possible, especially this early into the process. They’ve dealt...

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Player Standouts at Phenom’s National High School Showcase (Freddy Johnson Gymnasium)

Wesley Christian: 6’8 ’19 Puoch Puoch There’s no other way to describe Puoch other than incredibly unique. He’s long, wiry, and brimming with two-way polish. Puoch opened up this contest by bringing the ball up and initiating sets on every offensive possession, but quickly displayed his intriguing ability to create from anywhere on the floor. He scores extremely well around the basket and knows...

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