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Central Cabarrus Emerging as Title-Favorites

While it probably goes without saying, the high school landscape is drastically different from that of five or ten years ago. Most kids still attended their local public school while private or prep options were still considered more of an uncommon opportunity. However, things have obviously shifted in that span of time. Competitive balance has largely disappeared. Kids no longer feel compelled...

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Chasing a Championship: Central Cabarrus' Best Team of the Millennium'

More often than not, teams with title aspirations usually have previous bouts of success to serve as a reminder of what to do in order to become victorious. Not Central Cabarrus. Although the Vikings have been absolutely dominant to start off the season, it's worth noting that majority of the roster wasn't even born during their last time as a top-ten team in the state (2005-06 per MaxPreps)....

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Phenom Game Report: Cox Mill vs. Central Cabarrus

Phenom Hoops continues to check out teams and hit the road this season, sitting in the stands for an intriguing game around the Concord area. This was actually a rematch of a game that happened the night before, with Central Cabarrus securing the narrow win on the road. Now, Round 2.

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AAU Team Preview: Carolina Cavs 2023

Starting off, looking at the Carolina Cavs 2023, a grassroots team that is filled with 2023 prospects around North Carolina. Located in Charlotte, they bring a solid roster of nine players and should be a team that can score the ball well and gets after it defensively.

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North Carolina Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations: Team 7

Team 7 Coach: Teddy Shickel #66: 5'7 '22 Mekhi Gibson (Scotland) Starting things off, we look at a player that proved to be lightning-quick with or without the ball in his hands, Mekhi Gibson. He's a smart, quick, slightly undersized point guard prospect with sharp penetration skills and the ability to attack the basket, set up others, or knock down perimeter jumpers. Gibson plays bigger than...

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