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North Carolina Phenom 150 Camp Evaluations: Team 1

Team 1 Coach: Edward Moore #9: 5’6 ’26 Tyler Jones (Walkertown) Starting things off, we look at a player who made a steady two-way impact despite being the smallest camper on this team, Tyler Jones. He’s a young, sturdy, scrappy lead guard with toughness, unselfishness, and an active motor on both ends of the floor. Jones utilizes his quick first step to get by defenders, touch the paint,...

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Phenom 150 Session I Camp Evaluations: Team 7

Team 7 Coach: Bronal Gary  #105: 5’6 ’26 Ashton Arthur (Independence) Starting things off, we look at a player who competed extremely well despite being the youngest camper on this team, Ashton Arthur. He’s a young, wiry guard prospect with vision, perimeter shooting, and a terrific off-ball presence. Arthur plays hard and understands how to maximize his presence on both ends of the...

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South Carolina Phenom 150 Spring Camp Evaluations: Team 2

Team 2 Coach: Gerald McFadden #12: 5’2 ’25 Amorie Miley (Hampton) Starting things off, we look at a player that did a solid job of making plays despite being the youngest prospect on this team, Amorie Miley. He’s a young, high-motor guard that is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his long-term abilities. Miley finishes around the basket and secures rebounds well for his...

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North Carolina Junior Phenom Session 2: Evaluation Team 6

North Carolina Jr. Phenom Camp Session Two Evaluations   Team 6 Coach Holloway   #2:5’5 ’25 Kohi Stickland (Greensboro, NC) Starting things off, we look at a player that possesses a pretty intriguing two-way skillset, Kohi Strickland. He’s a forward prospect that is capable of excelling from inside the arc, given his nice blend of size and physicality. Strickland shot the ball well...

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