After his Freshman Year, Zion Williamson at Phenom’s Summer Havoc

Year after year, Phenom Hoops continues to grow. The 2016-17 season had some major milestones hit for the company as our Phenom alum achieved some major accomplishments such as NCAA Player of the Year, Multiple National Champions, NBA Draft Picks, and more…After yesterday’s release of the Slam Magazine cover, you can now add another 1st for Phenom Hoops as Zion Williamson becomes the 1st alum to don the cover of the illustrious Slam Magazine

This is an incredible achievement for a young man who, over the last year, has become used to the incredible. He is a consensus top two player in the country, he was the MVP of the NBPA Top 100 camp (as an underclassman), on a seemingly daily basis he has practically broken the internet with his mix tapes and high lights. Zion Williamson, almost overnight, became a household name. However, to Phenom Hoops, Zion is someone who has been around, waiting for his time to shine.

Zion first walked through Phenom Hoops doors three years ago at the 2014 Phenom Summer Havoc. This was Phenom Hoops’ first July Live Period event and featured names such as Jawun Evans, Tevin Mack, Seventh Woods, Dante Scott and others. Not many were talking about Zion at that time, even though his SC Hornets team made it to the championship game, it was Devontae Shuler who caught the buzz.

After watching him we wrote, Williamson is still a newer name to many, however he is one to monitor. The lefty, is a versatile player with the ability to handle in the half court, attack from the wing, or post down low. He also defends multiple positions.”

Zion Williamson at NBPA Top 100 Camp, on His Way to MVP Honors

Fast forward one year and that is where the legend of Zion Williams started to grow. We were fortunate to have the SC Hornets to two of our July Live events in 2015, so we were able to see good and well what was coming from Zion. Along with Zion, who was playing a year up, that team had Devontae Shuler who is going to Ole Miss and Ja Morant who is going to Murray State.

It was one game, in fact within that game, it was one play that started everything for Williamson. The event was held at the wonderful 8-court Greensboro Coliseum. The SC Hornets were matched up off site, at Proehlific Park, against cross town rivals Carolina Wolves. The talk of the day was Devontae Shuler Vs Seventh Woods. Court 3, and the upstairs, was standing room only (both with fans and college coaches) for the showdown. However, in typical Zion Williams fashion he took over the show with one single play.

Seventh Woods send a pitch ahead pass to the Carolina Wolves player was racing down the court for an open dunk. Williamson chased him down, for the Lebron James style chase down block. However, it was no ordinary blocked shot. Williams went up with the player, and pinned the ball against the backboard, with two hands. Not only did he pin it, he caught it, he came down with the ball and chested it. This play, caught on video by The Hoops Column, sent the crowd into a frenzy, not sure what they had just seen.

The Hoops Column video is called, “Block of the Year” and that is aptly named. It is one of the very first videos of Zion on the internet and from that point forward he was the player who had everyone talking about, “did you see what he can do?”

Now Zion Williamson is on the tips of everyone’s tongues, and rightfully so. Not only is he an unbelievable talent who is destined for stardom, he is also a great human being.


Here is the play from the 2015 Summer Havoc Live, caught by The Hoops Column that started it all.