Young, talented players from North Carolina, Virginia, and several other states made their way to Greensboro on Saturday, as Phenom Hoop Report hosted their first NC Junior Phenom event.  It has been an event that has seen great success in the past and has also seen several young talents make their way into big-time players at the next level.  It was another fantastic event, as here are a few players that stood out to one of our scouts’ eyes.

#52  2024 Jordan Vick (Wilson NC)

From the skills and drills portion of camp you could tell Vick was going to be a handful and believe me he didn’t disappoint. From the opening game, Vick took command of the team and couldn’t be guarded.  He even had a scoring output of 38 in one game. With Vick, it’s not all offense each game as we saw he had over 5 steals.  This young man has some major talent and the sky is the limit.

No. 48  2023 William Otto (Raleigh, NC)

Pound for pound, Otto might have been the most skilled player in attendance. I was told soon as he walked in the gym watch out for him and he didn’t disappoint.  There wasn’t much he didn’t show at the event; he was crafty with the ball, scored anytime he wanted with ease, and had a very quick trigger.

#20 2024 Drew Hollifield (Kings Mountain)

Drew is a smart, unselfish point guard who locks up on defense which is why he was one of the leaders in steals throughout the event. Drew is a gamer.  He was the 2nd leading scorer on his team, led his team in assists and steals, and was a very impressive young man.  He was one of the best in the gym, regardless of grade.

No. 75 2023 William “Dice” Royster (Greensboro, NC)

Dice right now is a matchup problem for middle school level kids. Able to play the 1-5 positions, he was able to exploit mismatches and cause havoc for defenders. Dice did a great job of securing rebounds, controlling the paint on defense, and gave his team 2nd chance opportunities. On the offensive end, when not attacking the basket he was able to step out to the 3-point line and hit those with regularity.

No. 34 2023 Etienne Strothers (Newport News, VA)

Strothers is a quick guard who is a one-man press break, as he made a living in the paint. Strothers has a very high basketball IQ and knows the game.  In our opinion, he could have been in the running for camp MVP.