This past weekend, Phenom Hoops traveled out to Carolina Courts in Concord, North Carolina for a closer look at some of the young up-and-coming talent from around the area. We attended both Saturday and Sunday, and this article will list some personal standouts from the younger (2027 & 2028) age groups at the event…

2027 CeMiyric Bouie (Wreaking Havoc)

Of all the young players listed, it would be difficult to be impressed with someone more than Bouie. From effortlessly breaking down his assignment and making plays in the paint to spraying thirty-footers with accuracy and relative ease, Bouie was unstoppable. His 35-point performance featured a heavy mix of efficient scoring from all three levels. Bouie is smart, crafty, and possesses a strong sense of confidence in his abilities (rightfully so). Though young and still developing physically, his foundation should have folks excited for the future. 

2027 Josiah Dorsette (Save Sports)

The younger brother of Joshua, who has attended our events for the last few years, Doresette already displays the makings of a quality floor general. He’s small and just beginning to physically develop, but his feel for the game is excellent. Dorsette is smart and unselfish, looking to set the floor for his teammates and locate the best available shot on every possession. He can also score as needed, both as a penetrator and shooter, but typically looks to create for others. Additionally, Dorsette positions himself effectively on defense against opposing ball-handlers. He will be one to keep an eye on going forward. 

2028 King Bacot (Dreamchasers United)

There were dominant players, and then there was Bacot—who was on a completely different level of leader for this Dreamchasers group. Though he’s extremely young, it’s easy to see the polish and maturity within his all-around game. Bacot offers nonstop production at this stage, able to defend all positions, set up others, control the glass, and score at will from anywhere on the court. He had numerous tough finishes around the basket and displayed IQ when looking to set up others. Bacot is quite advanced, especially to be among the youngest players in the gym, and could be special if he remains on his current trajectory. 

2027 Messiah Darden (Wreaking Havoc)

Given Bouie’s dominance (mentioned above), it almost seems unfair to have another force like Darden within the same roster. Already standing at a strong, sturdy 6-foot-2, Darden was able to anchor the interior and control the paint on both ends of the floor. He’s a tough, high-motor interior player with exceptional rebounding instincts and the ability to run the floor hard in transition. Darden offers nonstop activity on both ends of the floor and shows the ability to finish second-chance opportunities or locate teammates to reset the action. His value cannot be overstated with this group, so it’ll be exciting to monitor his continued progression.