5’0 ’26 Justyn Whitfield (Victory Christian)

Despite being one of the younger players on this list, Whitfield certainly stood out as one of the more impressive performers in Victory Christian’s win over Gaston Christian. He’s undersized and just beginning to develop physically, but already possesses excellent shooting abilities and displays nice IQ on both ends of the floor. Whitfield handles the ball well, makes smart passes, and operates effectively within the flow of the action. He will be one to watch, especially given his age, over the foreseeable future. 

5’11 ’24 Bobby Erwin (Gaston Christian)

Though also listed on the varsity squad, Erwin could be found leading and dominating for Gaston Christian’s JV group. He’s a long, fluid, all-around wing prospect for this team and showed consistent leadership on both sides of the ball. Erwin regularly controlled the offensive action for this group, showing the ability to score from all levels while getting others involved at a strong rate. He’s great in transition and has the physical tools to make his presence felt defensively. Erwin will be one to monitor going forward within the Gaston Christian program. 

5’10 ’25 Eli Ellis (Moravian Prep)

No list featuring a grouping of freshmen and middle-school prospects would be complete without at least one Ellis. Arguably no active player in North Carolina has done more than him at the varsity/national level prior to entering high school. The unusual circumstances (namely being able to improve against considerably older players) have largely allowed for Ellis to progress ahead of most players his age. He’s tough, scrappy, and shoots the ball at an undeniably high percentage from the perimeter. Ellis has continually improved and should ultimately emerge as a leader for Moravian Prep in the coming years. 

5’7 ’24 Damani Day (Victory Christian)

While there were other notable standouts from this young Victory Christian group (namely Andrew Williams), Day made a lasting impression due to his ability to affect various facets of the game. He’s a sturdy, well-rounded guard prospect with a nice IQ and no glaring weaknesses within his skillset. Day can adapt to various roles, play with or without the ball in his hands, and simply knows how to find production on the court. With Day, Whitfield, Williams and others, the future is very bright at Victory Christian.

5’5 ’26 Isaac Ellis (Moravian Prep Regional)

As mentioned previously, it’s only fitting to see another Ellis emerge within this list of notable young prospects. Well, it’s become something of an expectation to see the young, smooth-shooting guard make a legitimate impact against other high school teams. His three-point shooting will always be his calling card. However, Ellis also displays a strong feel for the game and understands how to make the smart play while putting himself in a position for success. He’s still so young and should only continue to develop with physical maturation.