By: Kevin Moses

Player: Dawson Lunsford
Twitter: @dawson_lunsford
Height: 6’3, 175
Class of 2024
School: George Washington High School

Lunsford is an out and 3-and-D gem with a high motor and can find open spots in the gaps for great looks and is an efficient high percentage scorer. Defenders can take their eyes off him or lose him for one minute.  One of the fiercest cutters I have seen this year. Dawson shoots over 40 percent from three too. Gritty and relentless on defense and is always pitting on the work on the boards. High IQ. Drops nice dimes. This is why he is among the best in his class in WV.  He did not disappoint.

Player: Chance Hartwell
Twitter: @HartwellChance
Height: 6’1
Class of 2024
School: George Washington High School

Harwell is a super versatile point guard who can be a prolific scoring machine. This stud right here can score the ball in so many ways with crafty moves and dazzling finishes and he did just that in this showcase. Chance is a gritty and tough athlete who will outwork and out-scrap many despite their size. Despite his shooting ability, Chance is one of the most unselfish players who delivers a ton of jaw-dropping passes and loves fueling the fast break to spark his teammates. Always making the right plays. Pound for pound is one of the best defenders in the state. Scrappy, fierce, and downright tenacious.

Player: Cole Lambert
Twitter: @_colelambert
Height: 6″0, 160
Class of 2024
School: Wyoming East High School

Lambert is the ultimate blue-collar worker. He is tough, gritty, and scrappy on both sides of the ball. This little giant is one of the fiercest competitors you will ever find.  Cole is a natural leader and a pure game-changer. Don’t tell him he isn’t 6’9 because that’s exactly how he plays. Gobbling up boards and scoring off the bounce and on the gaps with ease and style. But he is a lethal three-point sniper. Another team-driven player as well as a lockdown defender. Most impressively, Lambert breaks a press by himself with strong handles and crazy speed.

Player: Isaac Medding
Twitter: @isaac_meddings
Height: 6'0
Class of 2025
School: Wane High School

Isaac is a natural leader on both sides of the court. Offensive contributor on the outside of the perimeter running multiple offensive sets. High percentage 3-point shooter beyond the arc and moves off of screens well. High basketball IQ kid and a natural leader.

Player: Jaiden Gladney'
Twitter: @jaidengladney
Height: 5'11
Class of 2024
School: Jefferson High School

Jaiden is the most athletic kid on the court most of the time and long for 5’11. He can work the middle of the lane to score or pass it off for a good look. Very aggressive on the defensive side of the ball and stay active in the steal category, not an easy bucket.

Player: Alex Starcher
Twitter: @AlexStarcher30
Height: 6'4
Class of 2026
School: Teays Valley Christian

Alex has a lot of potential and is currently growing before our eyes. Long frame and can build muscle. Natural outside shooter especially from a catch and release. He doesn’t mind doing the dirty work inside the paint on defense.

Player: Keshaun Cheek 
Twitter: @keeyync
Height: 5'11
Class of 2025

Keshaun is a very strong and athletic kid, with a football player physique. Explosive around the rim, especially moving to the left. Goes right to get left and dices defenses up in the middle with a multiple-option shot selection. Plays dirty defense by taking charges and traps opposing offenses.