Bryar Bailes

By: Kevin Moses

Player: Zane Saunders
Twitter: @zanesaunders10
6’7, 185
Class of 2025
School: South Charleston, WV

This incredible and versatile athlete was a dominant force to be reckoned with. Zane used his size, speed, and athleticism to punish helpless defenders at will scoring with ease on all three levels. That rainmaker from deep is a thing of beauty yet he dazzled us with quick crafty moves off the bounce and sweet finishes. And he dropped dimes and gobbled up boards like a man on a mission and his defense was special. Scrappy and tenacious with off-the-chart shot-blocking skills and timing.

Player: Bryar Bailes
Twitter: @Bryarbailes2
Height: 5’10, 165
Class of 2024
School: Midland Trail High School, WV

Bailes was awesome to watch with his extremely high motor and lightning speed. This gem was fierce and extremely scrappy. Tough and gritty playing like he was 10 ft tall. Fearless and constantly attacked the lane, no matter the defender before him scoring over or around guards and bigs alike. Bryar took no prisoners. This stud can flat-out shoot that rock from outside or off the bounce. But it we the defense that left me dying to see more. Not to mention, Bryar was so fast and crafty and gobbled up a ton of boards.  Can’t teach heart and this star right here has a ton of that.

Player: Nick Dressick
Twitter: @NickDressick
Height: 6’2, 164
Class of 2026
School: Bishop McCort High School, PA

Dressick is a dynamic playmaker who is the ultimate glue guy but can really shoot the cover off that ball. Nick shoots a blistering 62 percent from downtown. But Nick is explosive off the bounce and keeps defenders guessing. Quick pull-ups of strong finishes at the rim. The best thing is Nick isn’t concerned with being a volume shooter but an efficient one, his incredible IQ is always seeing the whole court and his ability to deliver jaw-dropping dimes on a flash captivated us all. And he was the best rebounder on the floor. To put a bow on it all, Nick plays outstanding defense taking the challenge of guarding the other team’s best player. Lockdown mode. This star is the total package.

Player: Xavier Kirk
Twitter: @XDJK2305
Height: 6’1,175
Class of 2025
School: Hedgesville High School, WV

Yet another fierce competitor out there with a high nonstop motor. That hustle and energy were crazy good and got him a ton of easy putback baskets and a ton of rebounds. Seemed like he grabbed every board for long stretches. Xavier was an explosive slasher and crafty finisher. Xavier worked so hard that he made me sweat. This was the strongest of the dog mentality in the gym that day.

Player: Braedy Johnston
Twitter: @BraedyJohnston
Height: 6’2, 165
Class of 2026
School: Shady Spring High School, WV

Started a little slow but then put on a scoring clinic. That beautiful rainmaker was rolling with a silky smooth touch. Braedy proved his prowess with a nasty mid-range game. Not a selfish player though and the most impressive element of his game was his passing. Accurate and timely. While he himself played well moving without the ball.

Player: Isaac Hodges
Twitter: @Isaac_Hodges_
Height: 6’6 ,190
Class of 2026

Hodges was a punisher as well with that nice size he couldn’t be contained. Isaac shot very well from downtown but was electric off the bounce with strong finishes.' Mid-range magic was on display as well. This stud was confident shooting again at anyone. Don’t tell him he isn't the best on the floor, it’s a personal challenge. He played outstanding defense with his length and grit and was a real force on the boards.

Player: Jase Smith
Twitter: @Jasesmithh1
Height: 6’2, 168
Class of 2026
School: Bluefield High School, WV

I was most impressed with his polished midrange that set him apart.' Though he finished strong at the rim and gobbled up multiple boards for easy putbacks, that is certainly his stealth. Great court vision which leads to smart decisions on both sides of the ball. Jase can pass the rock extremely well. Team guy who wants to fuel his teammates to shine brighter.' Solid defensively.' Jase is a game-changer without having to demand to score 20. Very high ceiling.