Phenom Hoops travelled to Winston Salem Christian Wednesday night. The Lions will have one of the most talented teams in the Hoop State this year and a roster that is full of D1 talent. There is no question, Coach Antonio Lowe does a tremendous job on the sideline. Two years ago, he led Moravian Prep to the inaugural Phenom Hoop State Championship. Last season, he took over a dormant basketball program and instantly elevated them to a state and national level team. His resume speaks for itself and is proven winner. He will bring the same level of success to Winston-Salem Christian. The best quality about Coach Lowe is his willingness to play anyone, anytime, and anywhere. He’s more concern about providing his team the best possible platform than wins and losses.

This season will be no exception and Winston-Salem Christian is playing yet another national level schedule. With that being say, let’s take a closer look at his roster for the upcoming 2021-22 basketball season.

Standout Players 

6’4 2022 Amare Haynie 

It is really nice to see Amare back from injury. He was the missing piece for the Lions last season. Amare brings positive energy on the court, but more importantly brings valuable leadership qualities. Leading by example, he is able to elevate the level of play of his teammates. Amare is constantly talking on both ends of the court and his presence along on the court will make an unbelievable difference for Coach Lowe. In addition, Amare is a long, skilled guard that is able to impact the game in multiple ways this season. He uses his length and athleticism really well “on and off” the ball defensively to get steals and/or defections. He may not have the national reputation as some of his teammates, but he may just be the most valuable player. 

6’4 2022 Quante Berry 

The Providence College commit has all the physical attributes. Quante is a smooth, skilled combo guard who is able to pick his spots on the court. He makes the difficult play look easy, whether it is getting to the rim or getting to his midrange game. In my opinion, Quante will have a big-time year for Winston-Salem Christian. Last year, injuries forced Quante to be the primary point guard, which was learning process. With Amarie Haynie back in the lineup, this will allow Quante to utilize his offensive skill sets more often. We expect Quante to have a bigtime year and will be able to excel even more since he will be able to be put in more scoring opportunities. 

6’6 2022 Raphael Gay 

Raphael was one of the most impressive players at practice. Raphael just transferred to Winston Salem Christian from France. He brought non-stop energy and was extremely active defensively and on the boards. He runs the lanes in transition extremely well. He may be one of the most athletic players in the Hoop State this year. He will have multiple high light plays this year. 

6’11 2022 Christ Essandoko

Christ is one of the most skilled big guys in the country. He has the ability to score over both shoulders in the post. He also has the ability to step out and knock down mid-range face ups and 3’s. Christ does a tremendous job using his body to gain great post position. He has a high basketball IQ and sees the court really well for his size. 

6’10 2023 Brandon White 

It is really easy to see why Brandon White is considered one of the best big guys in the country. Brandon is one of the best shot blockers in the state. There are not many players in the country that has his size and athleticism. Brandon does a great job rim running and has good hands where he can catch pitch ahead passes or lobs in transition. Brandon continues to mature as a basketball player and keeps getting better every time we watch him play. 

6’5 2024 Lewis Walker 

Lewis Walker may be the most productive player in his class. Lewis has a way of being in the right spots at the right times. He has a high basketball IQ which allows him to outthink his opponents. He does a tremendous job using his body and scoring with angles. He may not do one thing great, but he does a lot of things really well. He will be one of the most impactful underclassmen in the state this year. 

Post Grad Standouts 

2022 Kaden Warner 

Kaden is quick, crafty guard who has the ability to create plays for himself or others. He has the ability to get into the lane or knock down shots from the perimeter. He made really smart decisions in the open court. Kaden will be a newcomer that deserves attention. 

6’0 2022 Cole Sinclair 

Cole Sinclair has a beautiful shooting stroke. He has the ability to score the ball in bunches. He has a high basketball IQ. Uses his body really well to shield off defenders on drives. He will have some bigtime scoring nights this year for the Winston Salem Post Grad team.