Through the first month, the travel ball season has been full of exciting matchups, subplots, and individual performances. It’s always fun to see who emerges as the biggest threat within the state and, while it’s usually considered a shoe-circuit squad, it seems as though BSA Supreme has clearly asserted itself as the team to beat. Why? Well, they have yet to lose a single game. They’ve beaten Team Loaded NC, Team Charlotte, 1 of 1 Elite, SE Elite Gold, Team Eat, Team Synergy, and Upward Stars Pee Dee with only one of those contests being decided by a single-digit margin. Playing smart, unselfish basketball has truly become second nature for this group and subsequently allows them to come out victorious in seemingly every matchup. Let’s look at their roster…

Though it probably goes without saying, but Carson and Chase Daniel shine as the tone-setters of this group. Even though it was stated in July 2021, they are still the closest pairing to resemble the incredible Langley twins (Keyshaun and Kobe)—both in terms of play style and overall success. The Daniel twins simply win and the context never seems to matter. There’s something highly unique about the unbelievably selfless, rugged way they approach the game. The urgency with which they make extra passes, dive on the floor, and cause destruction on defense is simply rare for anyone at the high school level. They’ve proven that size will not deter or hinder their ability to dominate whatever individual or opponent steps in their path. The duo complements each other extremely well on the court, yet remains adaptable to whatever the team needs. Catawba must feel increasingly positive about receiving their commitments last summer, as they simply continue to dominate. That being said, there are plenty of other pieces on this roster worthy of attention from college coaches.

Given everything he’s shown this season, it’s easy to see the growth within Tyler Showalter’s game. At 6-foot-6, he provides a high level of skill and versatility. Showalter is a lethal shooting threat with IQ, vision, ball skills, and the ability to cause matchup problems with his well-rounded game. He’s shown increased athleticism throughout the last month, both in terms of lateral quickness and leaping ability. Showalter is a quality rebounder with the necessary length and motor to make a constant impact on the glass. Between his instincts and physical tools, he can reliably defend multiple positions and push the break after forcing turnovers. Showalter is a natural glue-guy with an understanding of how to fill in the gaps and expand his production when needed. Although his production is quite consistent, he’s still a definite x-factor for this group. 

This group is full of guys who are trending upward, but arguably no prospect on the team has seen their stock rise as much as Desmond Kent Jr. over the last twelve months. At 6-foot-5, Kent is an incredibly long, wiry forward prospect with IQ, defensive prowess, and a polished inside-out skillset. Similar to the entry above, his blend of skill, athleticism, and versatility makes him a walking mismatch with the adaptability to alter his approach based on team need. Kent is a great finisher, both above and below the rim, and can score out of the post, off the dribble, or apply pressure as a spot-up threat. He creates well for himself and others, especially for his size/position, and is a capable scoring option from all levels. Add in his toughness and everything he provides as a rebounder and defensive cog, and scholarship-level coaches should definitely be in pursuit. 

Although slightly different, pieces like Peter Moye and Landon Foley each add another glue-guy type of presence to this group. Moye is a well-rounded wing/forward prospect with a useful skillset and the ability to play bigger than his listed height. He possesses the skills of a wing with the strength and toughness to contain forwards and some bigs. Moye is simply a well-rounded player with the tools to do a little bit of everything. On the other hand, Foley offers a nice blend of skill, athleticism, and scrappiness. He possesses nice size for his position, can assume playmaking duties, and is capable of applying scoring pressure from all levels. Foley is ready and willing to fill in the gaps however possible. Both guys are college players and meaningful pieces to this group. 

While there haven’t been many additions to this roster since they’ve formed, Jeremiah Howard has already asserted himself as a major difference-maker. For starters, he’s arguably the only true “big man” on the team. Given his identity as a strong, physically overwhelming 6-foot-6 post prospect, Howard serves a clear purpose. He’s a great finisher, rebounder, and defensive anchor in the paint. He also understands how to run the floor hard in transition. Howard offers a steady, straightforward approach and clearly understands how to be a cog within this team’s scheme. He’s been a seamless fit thus far and should continue to appeal to college coaches going forward. 

Rounding out this highly talented group, Liam Gates and Jaylen Claggett stand out as the top two shooting threats on this roster. Gates does a great job of moving without the ball and hitting shots off the catch, though he can come off movement and knock down jumpers off the dribble. He’s a willing passer and solid defender with a nice motor. While Claggett offers a lot of the same traits, he’s also capable of attacking closeouts and initiating the offense when necessary. He also provides size and a scrappy defensive nature. Both guys are integral to the success of this team.

Between their roster composition and unwavering success as a group, BSA Supreme will be a difficult matchup for everyone they face. However, expect their upcoming battles with Team Wall and Team Trezz to draw a ton of attention—as both opponents are loaded with next-level talent. Each of these squads can be seen this weekend at Phenom Hoops Live in Raleigh, North Carolina.