Each year, there are always prospects who seem to slide through the cracks and receive less than appropriate attention from college coaches. Well, that notion pretty clearly applies to Malachi Reeves, a 6-foot-3 unsigned senior from River Bluff High School and Upward Stars Columbia. Usually there is some type of reason or drawback surrounding these available players, but there’s really nothing negative regarding the all-around guard prospect. Perhaps it was his high school season? Unlikely, seeing as he was a top-two player on a state championship team in River Bluff. Well, maybe he lacks a certain quality or trait to succeed at scholarship-level programs? Incorrect again, since Reeves clearly has all the tools from a physical and skill standpoint to be an asset at a variety of different schools. Then he must just be underwhelming or underexposed to college coaches during the current travel season, right? Wrong. Not only has Reeves shown pure dominance throughout the last few months, but he’s doing so in a manner that has college coaches watching in true astonishment. So, what’s the problem?

Well, in short, the problem has nothing to do with Reeves and everything to do with the completely abnormal situation surrounding recruitment. In a normal year, his smart, fundamental, all-around skillset and approach would be coveted by all types of scholarship-level programs. That being said, Reeves is simply an exceptional player and should still be a priority for a ton of next-level coaches. He handles the ball, creates extremely well for himself and others, makes terrific decisions, and truly sees the game ahead of most players. Reeves’ combination of IQ, size, and adaptability make him a reliable piece, regardless of role or setting. He’s truly showcased a complete game over the last few months and genuinely deserves opportunities to prove himself at the next level. Only time will tell, but some program will get an absolute gem in Reeves.