Why are basketball camps important'
Every spring, summer, and fall, parents and players are bombarded with emails and advertisements concerning basketball camps. Basketball camps are important and let us explain why' We at Phenom Hoop Report have provided quality exposure camps for the past 18 years. We have stood the 'test of time,' and we provide a true exposure/evaluation camp.

Phenom Hoop Report
The Phenom Hoop Report is an NCAA compliance scouting service. We now have over 175 schools that subscribe to our service. We are represented by every major Power Five conference including the ACC. We have become a trusted and reliable source for college coaches.

Phenom Hoop Report www.phenomhoopreport.com website
At every Phenom camp, we have a professional photographer on hand to take headshots of every single player. In addition, every player will get an evaluation posted on our popular website. This is a great tool for college coaches. If this isn't enough, we also send out a detailed report on recruitable high school student athletics as a bonus.

Phenom Hoop Report Player Search Engine
By attending a Phenom Hoop Report exposure/evaluation camp, you start the recruiting resume and build your own personal platform. Type in your name on the 'Player Search Engine' and every article we've ever done on a player will pop up.

The power of social media
Phenom Hoop Report is known for exposure and going the 'extra mile' for players attending our camps. All you have to do is check out Twitter. @Phenom_Hoops @coach_rick57 and our staff have a combined 200,000 followers and average of 10 million impressions per month. Coaches and assistant coaches at every level follow us for player information that is provided on Twitter and Instagram.

Player Profiles
Build your player resume/profile with Phenom Hoop Report. We archive articles and our 'player search engine' is a popular feature for college coaches. If you have never attended a Phenom Hoop Report, just check out our site. If you've been to a previous camp, add it to your existing resume.

Popular articles
Our articles 'Rankings' and 'At the Right Level' are a must-read to navigate through the recruiting process. It's a must-read.

At the highest level https://www.phenomhoopreport.com/highest-level-part-2/
Rankings https://www.phenomhoopreport.com/rankings-part-2/

Phenom Camp Evaluations (What does it look like') See below
Yes, every player gets a detailed evaluation and we now provide game links to every game. https://phenomhoopreport.com/phenom-all-american-camp-evaluations-team-1-2/ More importantly, we offer a well-organized and professional event. We take great pride in hosting a camp that will provide you a true value in your camp experience.