What We're Looking For (Part 2)
Phenom's High School Jamboree
By Jamie Shaw

This is Phenom's 5th Annual High School Jamboree, the region's premier pre-season hoops jamboree filled with talent, scouts and college coaches. Every year baselines full of college coaches have attended with the last two years bringing in 60-70 college coaches from around the region.

With that many coaches and scouts in tow, it is a given this event has kickstarted players recruitments. This event was the first time Columbia saw their (now) starting center Patrick Tape in 2015, Davidson saw (now) starting forward Dusan Kovacevic for the first time in 2014 and the same with Jay Huff and Virginia in 2014. There have been many other instances of this, but it is safe to say that if you perform well in this event, your recruitment can spring board.

Let's Take a Look at What We're Looking at:

Highlight Reel Plays

In this day of the internet and social media, major plays make the circulation quickly. You have companies like Ball is Life and Elite Mixtapes putting out video recaps of these events and now you have companies like Overtime who get individual clips of great plays circulating immediately after they happen.

At Phenom's High School Jamboree we have a handful of players coming who are becoming internet sensations on their own right. Their high flying exploits are instant successes on traveling through the internet quickly. Look up names like Dan Gross and Jalen Lecque on social media and see what they're doing…Fortunately, they will both be playing in Phenom's High School Jamboree

Here are players who could set the internet on fire this weekend

6'2' 2018 Dan Gross
Calvary Day School (Winston-Salem, NC)

Gross's most recent dunk was a Vince Carter-esqe elbow in the rim, however Gross hung from the rim with both elbows…It was an unbelievable feat, something that we have not seen before. We are talking about a kid who can literally kiss the rim, off the jump. Warm-ups area treat when Gross in on the floor and he will get a handful of put back dunks, etc…Videographers, get on Gross' court early – you will hear the Ooos and Ahhhs the second he steps on the floor.

6'4' 2019 Jalen Lecque
Christ School (Arden, NC)

Lecque has been the talk around the county through this summer. His legend is taking on the likes of what Collin Sexton did last year. Lecque is an explosive, aggressive downhill lead guard who garners comparisons to Russell Westbrook. If you look on the Overtime Twitter feed, Lecque has highlight dunk after highlight dunk going viral. He attacks the rim with aggression and is a player who will catch bodies each game he plays in, sometimes multiples. His explosion is a treat and will have a line of fans watching every game he plays.

5'11' 2019 Shakeel Moore
Piedmont Classical (Greensboro, NC)

At first sight Moore may not rate on your radar, watch in play and in the first 2 minutes his explosion and pace will drop your jaw. Moore is aggressive downhill and a terror on defense. He shows no fear when attacking the basket challenging bigs throughout the game, going right at their chests (and a lot of times over their heads).

5'11 2018 Kody Shubert – (Presbyterian Commit)
Lincoln Charter (Denver, NC)

Shubert is a treat to watch, a one man show for the crowd with his ball handling wizardry and eyes in the back of his head…When you add in the fact Shubert has a 40-inch vertical leap and will catch numerous lobs throughout the day he is one that will captivate the crowds on hand…'Did you see that' will be a common phrase throughout his games. Watch close, the cameras should be.

Others Who May Get in the Action

6'5' 2018 Jonathan McFall
Rabun Gap (Rabun Gap, GA)

McFall is an explosive, terror of an athlete who plays with a point guard who is an incredible passer. McFall sprints the passing lanes and looks to finish above the rim as often as possible. Watch close, don't miss it, it will come out of nowhere.

6'6' 2019 Jalen Joiner
Piedmont Classical (Greensboro, NC)

Joiner looks like an athlete. The long and rangy wing is highly explosive. His game is downhill and his mentality is take no prisoners, when he's at the rim. Piedmont Classical should open eyes this weekend.

6' 2020 Christian Hampton
Northwest Guilford (Greensboro, NC)

Immediately in warmups, Hampton catches your eyes. Windmills and reverses every time, with power and no doubt. Throughout the game, he hounds the ball and gets out in transition with something spectacular. He is a treat to watch.

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